Art Around: RiverArtsFest Invitational Exhibit Begins October 11th

ANF Architects—1500 Union Avenue — Gallery Hours 8:00A to 5:00P, Monday through Friday

Proceeds from the sale of art at the Invitational Exhibit benefit RiverArtsFest. 

2019 Artists announcement coming soon. 2018 Artists featured: 

Adam Hawk, Martiza Davila, Maysey Craddock (2018 Poster Artist), Carl Scott, George Hunt,  & Catherine Erb 

2018-10-12 06.55.05.jpg
2018-10-12 06.41.30.jpg
2018-10-12 08.16.06.jpg
2018-10-12 06.54.50.jpg
2018-10-12 07.18.58.jpg
2018-10-12 08.58.18.jpg
2018-10-12 07.14.31.jpg
2018-10-12 06.55.25.jpg
2018-10-12 07.41.59.jpg